The Railway crossing by John Escott

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John Escott learn english trough story
There were thick trees around the train station, and it was very noisy. A man was standing at the train station, and Dunstan was planning to kill, the whole place was very comfortable, Dunstan's house was not hiding far from the trees, and trains often passed there. The man himself was very nervous. He couldn't sleep and had to take drugs. Some blackmail did not allow him to live in peace. But it will end soon. Dunstan was going to kill the perpetrator. This whole story started a few years ago. The man worked for a large company. He had enough money, although he was not rich. I love a beautiful girl and I wanted to marry her. But Dunstan did not have enough money to pay for the wedding, and he stole it from the company: he changed some numbers in the models and became the owner of thousands of pounds. This was the starting point.

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