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Death of the Eviction Man ( Read )

Authors: Gayle Tiller

In C1 Pre Advanced, Read Online

By ilyasse woo

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2927 Total words: 34549 Hard words: contrasted, pretending, tapped, dipped, sounded, disbarred, escorted, visualized, evicted, guarding, churned, blamed, surrounded, cancelled, breached, refused, slicked, blaming, skimmed, avoided, parents, grabbing, screwing, reincarnated, reviewed, snapped, discussed, dictated, retrieved, gasping

Woman in white

Authors: Wilkie Collins

In C1 Pre Advanced

By ilyasse woo

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1393 Total words: 11161 Hard words: impersonator, opera, member, kill, proof, traitor, heir