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A Double Murder in Paris - MP3

Authors: Edgar Allan Poe

In B1 Intermediate English, Read Online, Members only, Download, MP3

By ilyasse woo

The magazines of Paris carried the shocking news of a double murder. Most interesting was that the murders were very mysterious. At three o’clock terrible screams from a locked house on a Rue Morgue street gathered people, yet no one on the outside could help. Neighbors said that only Madame and Mademoiselle L’Espanayes lived there. With the help of police the party broke in and found a mess inside. By the time police reached the fourth floor there were no more screams. Finally they found the room where the screams had been recently heard. The scene in the back room was terrible with parts of bloody hair around the apartment and a huge razor covered in blood lying on the chair. A mother and her daughter were killed in a heartless way by an unknown person with enormous power. Or, it was it a human at all?

Mr bean birthday - Audiobook

Authors: Richard Curtis

In B1 Intermediate English, Members only, Download, MP3

By ilyasse woo

Mr. Bean chose to go to the eatery on his Birthday. But to be at the restaurants was unusual situation for Mr.Bean. because he wanted to enjoy his Birthday. Furthermore, Mr.Bean exhibited his peculiar conduct there. He hadn't sufficient cash for the request, so he choosed steak tartare”. He didn’t like this food...

The Hat - Audiobook

Authors: John Escott

In A1 Beginner English, Members only, Download, MP3

By ilyasse woo

Bernardo lives in Rome. He really likes hats. A sunny day wandering around his hometown. The man sees a nice hat in the street market. As a fan of hats, he buys them on the spot. His wife is surprised when he returns home. Bernardo already has a dozen hats. The new looks are very ugly to her. A few days later, the woman takes the hat to the store secretly from her husband. A few more days pass. This hat catches the eye of Anna, a student from the United States. The little girl gladly buys it. After some time, Anna sits in a cafe in her new hat. A gust of sudden winds take him and fly. And so the hat reaches the next owner ...