A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court - PDF

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Mark Twain learn english through story
The hero of this story is a typical Yankee. He is brilliant and efficient. Once in a battle someone hits him in the head. Then, he awakens in the times of King Arthur. The man is taken as a prisoner by a knight whom he at first views as a standard crazy person. Presently the Yankee is in the palace, where blue-bloods and knights are devouring. He learns that it is 528 AD. The knights sentence the Yankee to to death. The unfortunate man remembers that there should be a solar eclipse on this day. Utilizing this normal peculiarity, the Yankee claims to be a strong performer. The archaic knights are extremely intrigued. They guarantee him a post of clergyman. Progressively, the Yankee starts to utilize his insight from the future to fortify his power. Gunpower, lightning rod terrify the inhabitants of the castle.

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Text Analysis: Unique words: 1057 Total words: 6371

Hard words: Hard words: stabbed, pushed, queen, attacked, refused, insulted, electrocuted, civilised, armour, liked, answered, jousting, grey, moved, passed, pigsty, staying, chained, honourable, discovered, worked, lord, believing, bowing, lit, kept, stole, repaired, arriving, shouted/p>

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