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Sue Leather
It happened half a year ago. Ray got a good job offer. Abi and Ray moved to Vancouver from England. Now Abu is studying at Film school. She is going to be a writer. After watching an interesting film in a screenwriting class she got a task. She has to write a story consisting of fifteen hundred words. Abi immediately saw a breath-taking thriller in her imagination.

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Text Analysis: Unique words: 493 Total words: 1469

Hard words:screenwriting, calmness, begging, eloquence, reflected, blankly, grouse, insistent, powerfully, coastline, losing, endlessly, starving, handkerchief, automated, moonlight, thinly, unpredictable, pavement, temper, darling, nonsense, excite, homework, charm, fantastic, beard, transport, collar, calm, stadium.

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