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The hero of this book spent his youth in East Africa, and spent his time in the plains and in the pleasant valleys. But soon World War II began. The hero was preparing to become a pilot. He once boarded a plane and flew to catch a glimpse of wildlife while maneuvering through the skies. The plane's wing was shot down but returned to the airport. He did not give up and got on the plane again, but the pilot was not so lucky - the plane's engine failed and he had to make an emergency landing. He was not damaged this time. He saw a small house and went to it, it belonged to an old man who was growing food. He greeted the pilot warmly and allowed him to live there.

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Text Analysis: Unique words: 767 Total words: 4628 /h3>

Hard words: Hard words: greenness, paleness, thumping, petrol, wetness, milking, curving, scratching, rolled, nothingness, chewing, lying, mechanically, madman, twisting, airfield, lifeless, sill, coward, further, bedding, upwards, gracefully, packing, thump, swelling, managed, sliding, lifting, bitterly, faded/p>

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