Behind the Crown

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Aimed at A2 level English learners, history enthusiasts, and fans of royal family narratives.
Dive into the regal yet tumultuous world of 'Behind the Crown', where royal duties clash with personal desires, and every decision can alter history.

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This A2 level English story offers a blend of historical insight and intriguing narrative, perfect for those interested in the British royal family, historical events, and English language learners seeking engaging reading material.




Discover the intriguing world of British royalty in "Behind the Crown." Set against the backdrop of significant historical events, this A2 level English story offers a unique perspective on the personal struggles and decisions faced by the members of the royal family.


The Royal Saga Unfolds:

Experience the complex interplay of love, duty, and power as you delve into the lives of kings, queens, and princesses. Each chapter brings to life the challenges of balancing personal desires with royal obligations, making it a captivating read for history buffs and language learners alike.


Interactive and Educational:


Enhance your English skills through engaging narrative and rich historical context. "Behind the Crown" is not just a story; it's an educational journey that immerses you in a different era, helping you improve your comprehension and vocabulary in a fascinating setting.


Download for Free:

Get your copy of "Behind the Crown" on WooEnglish. This A2 level story is available for free download, making it easily accessible for anyone interested in British history and improving their English language skills.




"Behind the Crown" is more than just a historical narrative; it's a bridge connecting learners to a pivotal time in British history. It's an ideal read for A2 English students and royal family enthusiasts, combining education with entertainment.





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