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Bram Stoker

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I will say a horrible story to you about seven years ago that happened to me. I was a lawyer, I lived and married in London. He called Count Dracula, I had a client from Transylvania. In London, I helped him purchase a home. He asked me to come to him for the papers when I found a home. He was rich, and he would be helpful to me, I didn't want to go. It needed to be too long a journey for weeks. When I arrived at the inn, an innkeeper warned me about the Count's castle, where he was staying. I was shocked, but in the Transylvania book, I read something that my future wife, Mina, had given me. Despite this, I took a car to my customer Dracula's castle. It was a long voyage because it was high up in the Carpathian mountains and there were only wolves. I got to the castle deep into the night and I saw this house's master. He was a pale, slim, red-eyed guy, and he had big white fangs. I thought that I was horrified.

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