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Princess Diana was a beautiful woman loved by every Briton. She never became the queen of Great Britain, but she was called the queen of the hearts of ordinary people. Diana grew up not far from the royal palace. Prince Charles was already a young boy when baby girl Diana was just starting to grow up. It's a life story: how she met Charles, fell in love with him and became his wife. You can also experience a serious aspect of Diana's life. This unusual woman really wanted to change the whole world and tried to do it. Il est un pity, mais cette marriage n'était pas le fairy tale many young girls think of. Elle avait de faire un lot sur son own et travaillé à atteindre ses objectifs. Still her popularity was huge until the last day of life.

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Text Analysis: Unique words: 1266 Total words:11007

Hard words: queen, parents, liked, answered, seine, moved, hurting, bringing, staying, cleaned, worked, kept, described, shouted, helpfulness, held, travelling, touched, worse, remembering, crashed, understood, viscount, taught, sold, rose, marmalade, disappeared, remembered, becoming

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