Romeo and Juliet

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There has never been a more heartbreaking tale than this one of Romeo and Juliet… It was a passion at first sight, boundless and eternal. And needless death because of families excessive feud. In the city of Verona, Montague and Capulet are kings, but they've both bloodied rivals. Two old men couldn't remember the cause of their feud at all. All their family members hate each other and rarely protect themselves against each other. The Prince of Verona no longer wished to endure these wars, so the streets of the city were disrupted and people had to engage in feuds. Both of them will die if peace is broken by either of them. For Montague and Capulet and their families, that was a new law. But it hasn't been easy to follow...

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Text Analysis: Unique words: 3870 Total words: 40672
Hard words: stopping, tucked, transcending, sounded, drifted, incinerated, rearranging, pushed, fumbled, sloshing, assisting, containing, blamed, snappish, adjusting, judged, wondering, springhouse, shifted, sleeved, lam, refused, recalling, fancied, barreled, avoided, parents, sketched, replaced, sorted


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