Rumi: Poet of the Heart

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wooenglish 2023
This book is ideal for English learners at the B1 level, enthusiasts of classical literature, admirers of Sufi poetry, and anyone interested in spiritual and philosophical exploration through poetry.
Unveil the mystical journey of Rumi, a legendary poet who transformed the world of Sufi mysticism and love through his profound poetry. Join us in a captivating exploration of his life and works.

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Immerse yourself in the spiritual world of Rumi, the iconic Sufi poet. Experience his poetic genius that bridges love, spirituality, and mysticism, presented in B1 level English. Explore his influential works and profound teachings that continue to inspire seekers of wisdom and lovers of poetry across cultures.




An overview of Rumi's life and his influence on Sufi mysticism and literature.


Rumi's Philosophical Journey:


Exploring the key themes in Rumi's poetry, including love, spirituality, and the quest for truth.


Rumi's Legacy:


Discussing the enduring impact of Rumi's works on modern thought and culture.


Interactive Learning:


Engaging activities and discussion points to deepen the reader's understanding of Rumi's poetry and teachings.


Download PDF for Free:


Offering readers access to additional resources and translations of Rumi's work.




Reflecting on the timeless nature of Rumi's poetry and its relevance in contemporary life.





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