The Diary of a Young Girl

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By ouba abdou Posted on Mar 4, 2024
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suspenseful journey through darkness into light with a young girl concealed from the turmoil of conflict within the hidden quarters of an annex

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In an era marked by the echoes of war, a young girl named Eva finds solace within the secret walls of an annex, hidden away from the chaos that rages outside.

As days turn into months, Eva, along with her companions, navigates the perils of a world torn apart by conflict from the confines of their concealed sanctuary.


Their world is one of whispered conversations and silent footsteps, where the scarcity of supplies and the chill of winter test their resilience. Amidst the shadows, Eva discovers the power of words, documenting her fears, hopes, and dreams in a diary that becomes her beacon in the darkness.


The arrival of news signaling the end of the war brings a tumultuous mix of emotions. Relief and joy are tinged with the anxiety of stepping into an unknown future, of rejoining a world that has moved on without them. As they prepare to leave their refuge, Eva reflects on the journey that has shaped them, on the bonds forged in the crucible of adversity, and on the lessons learned in the darkness.


The liberation of their city marks not just the end of their physical hiding but the beginning of a new challenge: reclaiming their place in a world forever altered by war. Eva’s diary, a testament to their survival and a witness to the strength of the human spirit, finds its way into the hands of future generations, inspiring hope and resilience in the face of adversity.


A young girl concealed from the turmoil of conflict within the hidden quarters of an annex; to uncover the full narrative, visit our channel.

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