The Kite-maker by Anu Kumar

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Text Analysis: Unique words: 329 Total words: 783 Hard words: torchlight, hurriedly, beak, ringing, tidy, kite, yearly, bitterly, divided, madness, determined, grind, winning, dive, fog, terribly, freely, beard, goat, cheer, fixed, voting, lamp, enthusiasm, festival, alarm, companion, beg, shine, changing.

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This story shows that when hope lives in a family, nothing will destroy it, neither fear nor even war. This story is about a couple who always support each other. The husband decides to distract himself from the thoughts of war that torment him daily, so he thinks of participating in the Otran festival. He wants to make a kite for the festival even though his wife convinces him that the time is not right for a holiday. But she changes her mind and helps her husband when she makes the kite, since the family does not lose courage, fate offers them the greatest gift. The family managed to answer the main question - what is the most important thing in life?..

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