The Law of Life

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Jack London
Text Analysis: Unique words: 410 Total words: 1465 Hard words: zing, crackling, tongs, lying, sickly, quicken, sled, further, rot, belongings, crushed, packed, moose, newborn, spoil, sorrow, tee, mighty, bark, awaken, thoughtful, grind, dull, cling, hunger, wolf.

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He was sitting quietly in the cold snow, he was old and blind, and he had almost no strength, but his hearing was the same as it was in his youth and he was a boss, everyone was listening to him, but today he is listening to others, he heard the screams of his daughter who was trying to carry dogs on the sled Because there were no longer animals in these lands to feed everyone, the tribe was preparing for a long journey. In his youth, the president was a great hunter. But now his son became the leader of the tribe. The old man was dying. The old man had to walk his last path alone, and the others had their worries and sorrows.

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