The third wife

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Text Analysis: Unique words: 573 Total words: 2066 Hard words: forcing, policewoman, rose, fashioned, unattractive, cheaply,seaside, undres managed, cupboard, unnoticed, intended, heater, noticeable, aged, clearing, cheerful, fingerprint, blouse, unpleasant, sensible, forced, footstep, loudly, wildly

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The killer was middle aged, no one knows who is, he committed the second murder and then moved to a new city, it's a perfect place to commit a murder. Now he lives with his third wife. His crimes look like accidents, his plan is simple: he goes on a weekend where no one knows him and uses a fake name, then finds a woman with a lot of money. But she has neither family nor friends. He offers her to marry him, after Dalk kills her and gets her fortune. Usually, the murders happen in the bathroom. He never fell in love with his victims. Is everything going as smoothly as before?

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